Mariam Karim

PhD student at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto
Twitter Activism and Public Discourse: A Study of Saudi Cyberfeminism(s)

From challenging government and impacting policy to advancing social and economic development, Saudi cyberfeminists are using Twitter hashtag campaigns as powerful spaces of activism, feminist organizing, and solidarity. As Saudi Arabia holds the highest number of active Twitter users in the Arab region, this project studies Arabic-language Twitter content that references Saudi women’s issues and hopes to map out how Saudi Twitter-based cyberfeminist strategies, resources and modes of resistance function within intranational public discourse and as part of broader transnational contexts and ‘global feminist’ systems.
Mariam Karim is currently a PhD student at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto. She holds an undergraduate degree in Visual Culture & Communications from the University of Toronto as well as an M.A. in Cultural Studies & Critical Theory from McMaster University. Mariam’s M.A. thesis titled Televising Democracy: A Case of Iraqi Reality T.V investigates post-war (2003) Iraqi television and its relationship to U.S.-led democracy. Her current research project studies Arab region based cyberfeminisms as sites for local, transnational and anti-colonial feminist resistance and assembly.